Japan Juggling Festival 2003

Date: August 22 (Fri.), 23 (Sat.), 24(Sun)

August 22(Fri): 9:00 am open – 9:00 pm end

August 24(Sun): 9:00 am open – 6:00 pm end (including the time for setting up and clearing the stage by all the participants)

August 23 (Sat): 9:00 am open – 2:00 pm end (after that each participant moves to the hall for the guest stage)

Place: Izumi Gymnasium in Sendai City (located inside the Izumi arena, Izumi-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken) It takes about 25 minutes on foot, 5 minutes by taxi, 7 minutes by bus from Izumi-chuo station (which is municipal subway station).

Guest Stage: August 23 (Sat) 6:00 pm - open, 6:30 pm start@

Guests: Vova•Olga Galchenko, Ryo Yabe, Hardpuncher Shinnosuke

Place: Seinen Bunka Center Koryu Hall (Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken): It takes about a minute from Asahigaoka municipal subway station.

*The guest stage is held separately from JJF 2003 itself. You need to pay for the guest stage too. For more detailed information, click gGUEST STAGE.h(Japanese Only)

* For more detailed information about the place, please look at gthe place for guest stage.h


*The cost depends on your age, JJF membership, and the number of days you participate in JJF.

JJA members
Not JJA members

All days participants
One day participants
All days participants
One day participants
Prior application
6,000 yen
3,000 yen
10,000 yen
5,000 yen

Application on the day 

7,000 yen 3,500 yen 11,000 yen 5,500 yen

Young jugglers
(6-18 years old)   

3,000 yen
1,500 yen
5,000 yen
2,500 yen

Helpers, nurses, or infants
(0 – 5 years old) 


*Prior application: When you apply for the festival before on August 11, 2003, you can join the festival cheaper than applying on the date or later. If you apply on the day or later, the cost becomes more expensive (as you can see above) and some forms will be handed on the festival day. We recommend you to apply as soon as possible.

*Participants under 18 years old are supposed to show their students ID cards or some other identification cards for application or on the festival day.

*Helpers, infants: If festival participants need helpers, they can bring one helper with them for free. (But if the helper also participates in the festival, he or she needs to pay, too.) Infants and kids under 0-5 years old can enter as long as their parents or guardians are festival participants.

*The cost above does not include your cost for meals, accommodation, and transportation.

*Visitors: Some of the seats in the gymnasium will be open to anyone for free. However, you are supposed to pay the entrance fee if you would like to enter the floor even though you would not perform or juggle.


If you need more information about JJF 2003, contact the following:

1. E-mail: 

2. Fax:

 020-268-4042 gLetter case no.24 JJF 2003 administration officeh

3. Post:

gLetter case no.24 JJF 2003 administration officeh
Sendai-shi shimin katsudo support center
2-8-15 Honmachi, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi 980-0014

*You can get our reply most promptly by email. It would take about ten days to reply by post.

*JJF 2003 is managed by volunteers who have regular occupations. We are sorry but we cannot answer your questions on the phone.


Your application is completed after JJF committee made sure you have paid your fee. First, please pay the fee, and then, send us the application.

*Be sure to read gJJF Participation Ruleh before you apply.

Prior application: by August 11(Mon), 2003 (Your paying is supposed to be completed by the date.)


1. Postal Transfer

Account #F00190-0-758439
Name of the account: Japan Juggling Festival 2003

2. Bank Payment

Tokyo Mitsubishi Ginko Chofu Shiten
Japan Juggling Festival Nimarumarusan
(Account Number 1625049)

* In paying your fee, please be sure to write your own name. If you use someone elsefs name, you might fail the registration. Also, if you transfer your fee by post, please write your name, address, and phone number.
* We advise you to use postal transfer, because it would be cheaper and it prevents mistakes in office work. In a large post office, you can use machines for paying your money, and you can use at night and on holidays.
* The commission fee is charged. Please keep the slip with you since it shows that you paid
for sure.

How to apply

1. online application 

not available now

2. E-mail 

3.Fax (Form) 

022-268-4042 gLetter case no.24 JJF 2003 administration officeh

4. Post (Form)

gLetter case no.24 JJF 2003 administration officeh

Sendai-shi shimin katsudo support center2-8-15
Honmachi, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi 980-0014

* Please write the following information. If you apply in groups, write your names, your memberships, the event you participate, and the date you participate for each of your member.

  1. NameiReal Namej
  2. Age(if you are adult, this is an option)
  3. Sex
  4. Present Address
  5. Phone number
  6. Fax numberiIf you have onej
  7. E-mail addressiIf you have onejino cellular phone since it cannot read long messagesj
  8. Age Category (Adults or 6-18 years old)
  9. MembershipiIf you are JJF members, please write the kind of membership and membership number. If you are not JJF member, please write soj
  10. If you are not JJF members, whether you join the membership or not
  11. the date you participate JJF
  12. In case of buying guest stage tickets, the number of tickets you would buy
  13. The amount of money you paid
  14. The date you paid your feeiIf possible, send your copy of your slipj

*Your personal information is used for management of JJF. Other than this purpose, your information will not be used. We respect your privacy and we treat your information with the greatest care.

*If you are under 18 years old, you need to show us your student ID cards or other identification to prove you are under 18 years old. Please send or fax us the copy of your identification.

Sending of your participation forms and entry forms

If you apply by July 31, 2003, we will send your participation forms and entry forms at the beginning of August. Please keep your entry forms, and bring them to the festival to prove your entry. In case you donft receive your entry forms by August 15 even though you applied before July 31, please contact JJF committee.

If you apply in August, we will send your participation forms and entry forms in order of your application. Please contact JJF committee if you donft receive them one week before JJF Festival. If you apply after August 11, prior application date, we will hand them to you on the festival date to prevent any mistakes. Please apply as soon as possible


If you would like to cancel your application, please fax or email to JJF committee.

the period for the refund
the refund

10 or more days before August 22 

all the money you paid

1 day ~10 days before August 22 

80% of the money you paid

On the day of the festival date 

50 % of the money you paid

**We cannot refund the cost of guest stage.


You need prior application for some of our events. You can also apply for most of them during the festival, but you have to apply for the championship beforehand. For more details, please read gCHMPIONSHIP RULES.


Please avoid asking Sendai-shi Izumi Gymnasium and Sendai-shi Seinen Bunka center directly about JJF 2003, since they donft have any information about the festival. If you have any questions, please ask JJF 2003 committee

Sendai-shi Izumi Gymnasium

Address: Shinkatsurajimamae 60, Nomura-aza, Izumi-ku, Sendai-shi
The period of our use: August 22(Fri) ~ 24(Sun), 9 am- 9 pm
Area of the gymnasium: about 42 m ~ 36.7m
2 basketball courts, 2 volleyball courts, 2 tennis courts
8 badminton courts, 24 ping-pong tables

The access: from JR Sendai station to Izumi-chuo subway station (about 12 minutes)
From Izumi-chuo station:
  by bus (about 7 minutes)c get off at a stop gIzumi sogo undojyo
  by taxi (about 5 minutes)
  on foot(about 25 minutes)
  by car(about 10 minutes from Izumi sendai interchange, Tohoku Highway

Sendai-shi Seinen Bunka Center Koryu Hall
(the place for guest stage and championship)

Address: 3-27-5 Asahigaoka, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi
Telephone number: 022-276-2110
Capacity: 300 people
Access: About 1 minute walk from Asahigaoka municipal subway station
Link :(you can also check the map): http://www.bunka.city.sendaijp/annai_seinen.html

Matters to be attended to

Closure of the Gymnasium on the afternoon of August 23

We are very sorry but we are supposed to close Izumi Gymnasium at 2 pm on August 23 and move to the hall of Seinen Bunka Center, which is the place for championship. Please be careful not to go to Izumi Gymnasium after 2 pm on August 23.


There are no restaurants inside and around the Gymnasium area. There is a convenience store in front of the Gymnasium. However, you can find many food shops around Izumi Chuo station. During JJF, we are thinking of ordering lunch but it is not officially determined. Please eat out or bring your own foods during JJF festival. Eating inside the arena is prohibited. If you would like to eat something, please go to the seats at the second floor.


We donft mediate between accommodations, but we can introduce them nearby for you. Please reserve rooms yourself.

Requests to protect the arena

We give the greatest care to protection of the arena, especially the floor. Please cover your juggling clubs and bolts of devil stick to protect the floor. Please perform cigar box or shaker cups on the place covered with sheets.

We prohibit fire juggling and hitting any building, ceiling, and floor inside the compound of Izumi Gymnasium and Seinen Bunka Center. In the whole gymnasium and Seinen Bunka center, donft use knives, bowling balls, and unicycles, which might hurt or dirty the floor.