Japan Juggling Festival 2004

 June 19 (Sat.), 20 (Sun.)

  June 19 (Sat.): 9:00 am open − 6:30 pm end
  June 20 (Sun): 9:00 am open − 6:30 pm end

Place Oasis 21: Ginga no Hiroba (The Square of the Milky Way)
     (located in Nagoya city, Aichi-ken, Japan)

Guest Stage
 YOHEY & KAZUHO (cyber juggling and magic),
 koma no occhan(Japanese style juggling)

The cost depends on your age, JJF membership, and the number of days you participate in JJF.

  .  JJA members .   Not JJA members .
 Regular application   2,000 yen   6,000 yen
 Young jugglers ( 6 - 18 years old )   2,000 yen   4,000 yen
 Helpers, nurses, or infants ( 0 - 5 years old ) .   Free

* Even if you participate in the festival only one day, you need to pay the same amount of cost.

* Application: You can apply on the festival day, but we recommend you to apply as soon as possible.

* Helpers, infants: If festival participants need helpers, they can bring one helper with them for free.
(But if the helper also participates in the festival, he or she needs to pay, too.)
Infants and kids under 0-5 years old can enter as long as their parents or guardians are festival participants.

* Participants under 18 years old are supposed to show their students ID cards or some other
dentification cards for application or on the festival day.

* The cost above does not include your cost for meals, accommodation, and transportation.

* Visitors: Any visitors can watch the jugging festival for free.
However, you are supposed to pay the entrance fee if you would like to enter the place
which is limited only for the participants, even though you would not perform or juggle.

Before you contact us, you can also look at the homepage about “FAQ”
If you need more information about JJF 2004, contact the following : 080-3435-3182

 1. E-mail :  
 2. Cellular phone : .  080-3435-3182 .
 3. Fax :  029-287-2285 

* You can get our reply most promptly by email.

* JJF 2004 is managed by volunteers who have regular occupations.
We are sorry but if you try to contact us by phone, the line can be busy.

Pre-registration has already been closed.
Please come directly to the registration desk at the festival site.

* If you are under 18 years old, you need to show us your student ID cards
or other identification to prove you are under 18 years old.

The championship application has already been closed. Sorry.
You can also apply for other events (ex. Free performance) at the festival site.

Please avoid asking the facility ( Oasis 21 ) directly about JJF2004, since they don’t have any information about the festival. Also please do not contact Oasis 21 even if you arrive late for the festival.  If you have any questions, please ask JJF 2004 committee

Matters to be attended to

  There are a lot of restaurants around Oasis 21 area. Please eat out there or
  you can bring your own foods during JJF festival. When you bring your foods inside,
  please bring the garbage back with you since there are no trash boxes.

  We don’t mediate between accommodations, but we can introduce them nearby for you.
  Please reserve rooms yourself.  You can search accommodations in the internet search cite




  recommended accommodations




  Requests to protect the arena
  We give the greatest care to protection of the arena, especially the floor.
  Please cover your juggling clubs and bolts of devil stick to protect the floor.
  We prohibit fire juggling and hitting any building, ceiling, and the floor. and Also,
  smoking is prohibited in the area. Do not use knives, bowling balls, and unicycles,
  which might hurt or dirty the floor.

  OASIS 21 http://www.sakaepark.co.jp/tuzutokoutuu/index.html
  The access: From Nagoya station: get off at Sakae subway station (Higashiyama line)
          From Kanayama station: get off at Sakae subway station (Meijyo line)
  The Oasis 21 itself doesn’t have any parking lot. Around the area there are a lot of parking places,
  but they are very expensive (\100 ~ \200 per 20 minutes).
  We recommend you to use subways or trains.