Notes and Requests

Carrying the participation certificate with you

A 2017 participation certificate is required in order to enter the gymnasium. Please be sure to attach it to yourself in an easily visible place. A member of staff at badge control will check your certificate.

In order to avoid the loss of props

On the day there will be a large number of juggling props within the venue. In order to avoid losing props, please label or mark your luggage and props with a seal. In addition, if you create a list of the props you have brought with you, you can ensure that you will not forget anything at the end of the festival

Regarding management of luggage and important items during the event

At JJF2017, unlike the Yoyogi venue, there will not be a location to store luggage in order to maintain a practice space for everyone. Please do not bring any items other than the equipment you require and important belongings into the multi-purpose hall.

While the cloakroom of the first floor is planned to be used, it is of a small size. We ask that you keep large-size suitcases and other large luggage in your hotel.

Usage of the facilities

Shoes are to be worn in this area.
As carpet mats are used for the flooring, any props can be used. However, in the case of bounce balls there is the possibility that they will not bounce correctly. Also, use of fire-based props such as torches and knives is prohibited. If you have any questions regarding the use of props, please consult with a member of staff at the venue.

There is no covering for the fluorescent lamps in the multi-function hall, so we request that participants please take care when throwing props high in the air.

Drinking and eating within the venue

While it is possible to drink within the venue, please be sure to not leave a mess or dirty the venue.
A break and food/drink corner will be prepared in small conference room 401 during the event, so we ask that participants please use this location.

Taking away trash

There are no rubbish bins located within the venue. Please be sure to take away any trash you have made of brought with you


Smoking is limited to the designated areas within the venue. Underage smoking is not permitted in accordance with the law.

In the case of a disaster

Should a disaster occur during the event, the directions of the Fukuoka International Congress Center staff will be followed.
Please be aware of your safety, and follow the announcements made within the venue. A roll-call of participants may be implemented during this time.

Health management

Before juggling, please be sure to warm up and stretch.
We also ask for participants to bring a change of clothes/towels and to prepare drinks. In addition, please be sure to get adequate sleep at night.
In the event that medical treatment is recommended that you take your health insurance card with you.
Should you become unwell inside the venue, or if you come across someone who is unwell, please get in touch with the convention department HQ,


In order for the festival to proceed smoothly, please be sure to arrive at workshops and events on time.

Proof of age

Those participating through an 18 or under fee are asked to bring proof of age.


If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us by email at info-jjf2017@juggling,jp

[Important] Policy in the event of suspension of JJF2017

The below section details what will occur in the unlikely case of suspension of JJF2017.

  • In the event that JJF2017 is suspended due to unavoidable circumstances such as earthquakes, blackouts or the break out of an infectious disease, there may be circumstances in which a determination is made to cancel the event prior to its start.
  • In this situation, the cost of JJF participation and Championship/guest stage ticket fees will be refunded minus a 500-yen handling fee.
  • The Japan Juggling Association fee will not be refunded as per constitutional rules (chapter 2, condition 12). We ask for your understanding in this matter.
  • We are unable to recompense participant's individual travel or lodging fees.
  • The opening of the Championships and guest stage will be determined and officially announced 1 week prior to starting.

At the present time JJF2017 will go ahead as planned.