Public viewing

While the JJF2019 Championships will be held in the large hall, so that more people are able to view it a real-time public viewing will be held in a seperate hall (small hall).

Viewing at the public viewing small hall costs 500 yen.

In addition, it is possible to see the performances up close on a large screen when compared with the rear seats of the large hall.


An image of the public viewing is as follows.

* The image shows above the stage area, however it is not possible to stand here.

Start time

Opening: 16:30 October 12 (Sat)
Start: 17:30 October 12 (Sat)

* The opening time is assumed to be the same as the large hall, however based on venue preparations this may be changed.


National Olympic Memorial youth Center Culture Building small hall

* The Championship will be held in the large hall of the Culture Building.

Participation fee

Fee: 500 yen (pre-purchase/open seating)

* On the day tickets will not be sold. Please note that tickets are only available via pre-purchase.